Tablet Surface: Microsoft is developing its partners is back...

Some indiscretions from partners at Microsoft are strained relations. Considering himself unfairly shifted, some would already have pay the Publisher.

microsoft-tablette-tactile-windows-8-surface-002In deciding to launch the Windows tablets under its own brand, Microsoft is debated. Some see it as a sign to the presence of its OS Windows on mobile platforms, finding brave on the part of Microsoft want to lead by example. But others believe that the reputation of Microsoft will do, that with products such as Surface bars, competing models are likely to be completely eclipsed. Besides the confusion that this can lead to market the Windows Tablet...

Thus, our colleagues from CNET have done a quick survey among their sources for PC manufacturers and it seems to highlight a common resentment of nervousness and rogne, which obviously leads to now imagine strategies to counter the iPad, but also now the Tablet Surface. Or how to succeed as a Microsoft partner and manufacturer of Tablet Windows, to the strategies of the editor of the bone trying to adventure the marketing of its own products. This is a climate that promises to be "funky" at the exit of Windows RT.

Like to add fuel to the fire, we learn that the Microsoft marketing departments have asked partners tablets manufacturers to communicate precisely the characteristics of their products, but also their prices. They enraged, believing that of its position, Microsoft hope decisive competitive advantage to succeed the launch of its own shelves. For the consumer, it might be the big winner of this Microsoft intrusion of tablets on the market. Indeed, CNET reveals that since the announcement of the Tablet Surface, manufacturers are boiling and that this could lead to new innovations and a tension on prices favorable to buyers.


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