MegaUpload: the search deemed illegal

Important information in the trial of MegaUpload: searches and seizures of property conducted at the home of Kim Dotcom were illegal.

Kim DotcomMegaUpload file comes to an important advance, which Kim Dotcom. Indeed, the High Court of New Zealand comes to recognize officially that the warrants used to search and seize property in the House of Kim Dotcom during his arrest were not valid from a legal point of view.

Thus, all computer data seized during the searches and copies thereof on which are based the charges will have to be returned and will not be used as evidence. The U.S. Attorney and the FBI thus became to work without these elements. Of course, this does not sign the end of the trial of Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload, the charge well with other elements on which to rely. But it could be in these parts that elements justifying some illegal facts alleged Kim Dotcom and his team are.

We do not know for the moment, and the next big deadline in that case is scheduled for the month of July. In the meantime, Kim Dotcom continues to receive evidence of sympathy from some personalities of the world information, such as Kevin Mitnick this week.


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