Age of Empires Online : Free to prendre une raclée

The update called "summer" of the game was to sign his passage in a mode really Free-to-Play. Disappointment among the players: If the game is now well free, he is coward of new balances for the less aberrant.

"I have the beating of my life", "I just get run over by a herd of gastrophetes, it bites!", "I have well hatchback seeing AI send me a single file Rams 30...". "Then I uninstalled the game." The least that can be said, is that the passage in Free-to-Play of Age of Empires Online, operated there now ten days, will did not that happy.

Of course, the game did let on its economic model. Recall that initially, AoEO was the choice of a hybrid system, the heart of the game being available free of charge (sub-quests, levelling, and two civilizations in base), the rest requiring a passage to the Fund (new "premium" so-called civilization, or additional game modes). Problem: not only the prices were far from show of unanimity, but new revenue civilization surpassed far other, creating of imbalances in confrontations PvP (a classical model of pay to win, in short).

Age of Empire Online 03 Age of Empire Online 01

With this update, Gas Powered Games has incorporated a currency in game, Imperial points, that players can acquire, depending on their preference, to great blows of credit card, or by performing a series of quests. And now is the currency which will allow to buy this famous additional content. In theory, the recipe seemed pretty good, since if the gains remained relatively low during the phase of levelling, high level, they became more substantial, offering really disillusioned players to join their wealthy peers in the top of the ranking tables.

Yes, but in fact,... As a grain of sand came to slip in this well-oiled mechanics, a modification of AI, which turned the lesser search POI in real way of the cross: rich or not, players are rosser battle after battle by an adversary the ability of elite units seems to be without limit. Developers argue the bug, seek clemency, and hope to correct the shot as soon as possible. It's all the evil that we want them to, because with a more balanced economic model, there was no doubt that this game, which is moreover very pleasant on the merits, could know a second wind.


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