Download Firefox 10 in the final

A new final version of Firefox comes six weeks after the last. So, what are the improvements made by Firefox 10? It is this time more question of functions and performance.

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The final version of Firefox 10 is available for download. Among the changes and improvements noted, there is the appearance of the automatic updates in the background and better management of the famous extensions. At this level, to solve fake problems of compatibility of extensions with new versions of the browser now arriving at a frantic pace, Mozilla has chosen to bear the fact that extensions, even developed for earlier versions of Firefox, will be automatically recognized as compatible. This will prevent unwanted blocking while the extensions are actually quite functional. In fact, Mozilla says that all extensions developed from Firefox 4 are compatible with Firefox 10.

Also, Mozilla insists on the mode supports full screen for Web applications. Certain tags can trigger a full-screen display, which could be of interest to developers that integrate video or games in HTML5. Internet users have in this case more than to press a key (often ESC) to return to a traditional display. It is an important step to change the uses of the Web according to Mozilla, which explains that too few people know that by pressing the browser F11 key they can switch to full-screen. Finally, it should be noted that the mobile version of Firefox now handles better the touch multi-point on the Web pages, following the recommendations Touch Events of W3C, via JavaScript. Opening, there also opportunities to Web developers in terms of ergonomics.


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