In France, the 3 G bars do not have the rating

The shelves offering 3 G connectivity do not meet the success expected in France.


French consumers preferred the 3 G bars, they represent indeed, according to a study by GfK cabinet, less than one quarter (23%) of the 1.5 million tablets sold in the year 2011.

For more, on these two shelves with 3 G connectivity, only a small part is associated with a package data in an operator. Indeed, most of the people using their shelf at home operate their local Wi-Fi connection, why then invest in an often more expensive 3 G tablet to be more add the price of the subscription data to the often exorbitant rate in France.

Elsewhere the study highlights that the countries or the 3 G bars sell best are those in which data packages are offered at low prices, strange coincidence... Perhaps the situation evolve in the right direction with packages only data that Free Mobile plans to launch soon at broken prices.


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