Kodak complaint against Samsung

Kodak finds Samsung violated five of its patents and complaint.


Yesterday, it learned that Kodak was asking to be placed under the protection of Chapter 11 of the American bankruptcy law after filing its balance sheet. We also reported that the Group wanted to sell all or part of its 1100 digital patents. Today, we learn that Kodak complaint against Samsung, specifically involving the violation of five of its patents on techniques to send images from a digital camera by e-mail or via WiFi.

Kodak says that licence agreements were signed by some 30 companies such as LG, Motorola or Nokia, but Korean Samsung does not agree to license and operates these technologies yet. A good way for Kodak to focus attention on the value of its patent portfolio, or even simply to recover damages victory and substantial interests which would be of the property to its finance. Remember that Kodak has been granted a credit line of 950 million by the Citigroup Bank 18 months to restructure and recover.


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