Free Mobile & roaming: Orange meets SFR

After the media release of the pattern of SFR which involved policy of Orange on the arrival of Free Mobile on the market, the operator responds to the charges.

Orange Smartphone

Late last week, we reported the words of Frank Esser, pattern of SFR, who accused Orange to be responsible for the offensive on prices by Free Mobile since the historic operator signed an incoming roaming with the new agreement. "I was struck by the Orange strategy, signing the agreement of roaming, allowing Iliad out packages if little dear." "We have always said that we would never sign such an agreement" he said.

In Les Echos, Pierre Louette, Secretary General of France Telecom, returned to the charge and responds to SFR, explaining that he did not really the choice given the pressure that he put the Arcep so Free Mobile could benefit from a roaming agreement. "We felt designated because we are the market leader." Everyone was negotiating roaming 2 G. "In the past months, we have 3 G rider, we have been pragmatic" explains.

He stated, on the tariff terms of this agreement: "these tariffs are consistent to our costs and that we attach to the large virtual mobile operators (MVNO)." Must be out of the fantasy that we would give the keys to Free. "This operator pay us a variable, like all MVNO, plus a fixed, that are not the MVNO". At least, any ambiguity is thrown.


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