GeForce Kepler: 2 GB of GDDR5 256-bit bus and TDP 225W?

Some info out about the GK104, first GPU 28 nm of Nvidia.


The GK104, the GPU Nvidia Kepler 104 code name, will be the first graphics processor top-of-range based on architecture Kepler and engraved in 28 nm launched by the firm to the Chameleon. New information (via the Chinese site Inpai) suggest that this GPU, which will succeed the GF114, continue to exploit a memory to 256-bit coupled bus to of the GDDR5, and this then the competitor AMD has installed a 384 - bit memory bus on its Radeon HD 7970.

Also, we learn that the first equipped with the GK104 maps would be with 2 GB of memory. Finally, last info to pouring ink at this time, the TDP of these cards would be of the order of 225 Watts. Rest to see something, how this new architecture will be placed on the market and allow it to Nvidia fly AMD his newly won Crown by drawing the first its GPU at 28 nm to the HD 7970 (see test)?


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