MegaUpload and MegaVideo closed down by the FBI. The Anonymous strike back!

The US justice department and the FBI have been close this night MegaUpload and MegaVideo, two of the largest sites to download files in the world.

logo-megauploadOn 12 December the site MegaUpload had been talk of him through his "MegaSong", a promotional clip touting its services through international stars. Site hosting and downloading more or less legal files had thus created the buzz but openly narguait critics including Universal Music Group but also the powerful RIAA and MPAA (American associations for the defence of the rights of the musical and film industry).

And to the United States, are mocked not with impunity of the Act, the U.S. justice department and FBI thus proceeded without warning to closing total of all sites of the Mega Group (of which the best-known are MegaUpload and MegaVideo) and around the world.

Thus it is today impossible to anyone around the globe to access any file hosted on the servers of the company, they are legal or not. All servers are based in the State of Virginia to the United States (while the company was based in Hong Kong), the FBI was able all seize them and put offline preventing any transfer of files instantly. If MegaUpload continued to use its servers in the United States, it was before all to ensure important flows at downloads, that he could propose by installing its hard drives in regions of the world more remote.

The US justice department accuses the Mega group to be a "organization criminal mafia" which promotes the piracy of musical and cinematographic works protected by copyright laws. MegaUpload however comply with the DMCA, its host status several times acknowledged by justice, and engaging site to remove all illegal files reported by rights-holders in the time frame. It is therefore the management "mafia" of the company which would permit the FBI to this large-scale operation.


Number of international stars trumpeted the merits of MegaUpload

According to the indictment, the assigns estimates that the injury suffered by the violation of the right of authors to $ 500 million and highlight the fact that the Mega society has won 175 million of profits through advertising and the sale of accounts "premium" for accessing the illegal downloading of these files more easily (and quickly).

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the Mega society, and six of his close associates have been arrested in New Zealand, Germany, and Hong Kong and risk several decades in prison for various charges such as "racket organised band", "money laundering", or "conspiracy for copyright violations".

The FBI says even the fact that the Mega group rétribuait the active contribution of some uploaders who proposed "rippés" of the most downloaded film files. 50 million dollars of materials and goods were seized in people militates against in different countries, including several luxury cars (14 Mercedes, 2 Cadillac, 1 Lamborghini, Maserati 1, 1 Harley-Davidson and 1 Rolls Royce).

To the United States extradition proceedings are underway and the indictees may therefore large because certain documents prove that the leaders themselves had put online some illegal files.

This case is currently pouring of ink and many reactions come on the net worldwide whether Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed the closure of the site, users who climb to the niche or even group of hackers Anonymous threatening reprisals in attacking sites such as those of Universal Music, of the RIAA, the Department of justice U.S.the Hadopi and even the FBI.

This closure would mark an important step in the fight against piracy of digital works at the global level. This is also the question of technical control of the DNS, obviously controlled by the United States seem to have right of life or death - via Icann including the American administration is very near - global websites. The war NET is declared!


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