HotSpot WiFi and 2 GB of storage in a button cuff

You want to take you to a secret agent James Bond or, in default, Johnny English? Brookestone thought to you...

EH Yes, everything is possible today with high-tech gadgets and miniaturization, even to take an officer "double zero seven". In this pair of silver cufflinks particularly class, Brookstone has indeed managed to stay 2 GB of memory storage in USB and wireless connectivity to create a WiFi hotspot.

bouton-manchette-usb-wifi.jpeg                     james-bond01

Connected to the PC, the small connector USB (29 x 29 x 10 mm), self-powered electricity through the same port, is then recognized as a mass storage device and a wireless network device (after you have downloaded the appropriate driver).

Count $ 250 to offer you - or make you offer - this pair of cufflinks, and as much - or more - for the costume that goes with!


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