A Motorola editable Razr is going

A released Razr arrives, allowing to run modified versions of Android.

droid-razr-maxx-01Motorola has just announced via his blog sent to developers that European consumers will soon be able to buy a special version of the Motorola Razr. Indeed, it will be his "bootloader" be released, allowing start-ups on modified versions of the Android system. What to allow the hackers and other developers to have fun to compile custom Roma.

"This allows us to meet the obligations that we have with operators and regulators in responding to the demands of the community of developers" says Motorola. However, it is unlikely that the first version of the Razr owners can update their terminal to unlock the bootloader.

Already available in preorder at the price of €499, this new version of the Razr will be delivered with a specific documentation and Motorola informed that information will be disseminated to the attention of developers regularly on its forums. Motorola is not the first manufacturer to listen to the comments of developers and unblock one of its terminals, HTC or Sony Ericsson has already done well in the past.


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