MegaRetrieval: first constructive step for customers adversely affected by the closure of MegaUpload

The EFF and Carpathia Hosting have put online a site for MegaUpload honest customers to provide hope to recover their data.


While the representatives of the two host partners of MegaUpload, Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications, accepted the request of counsel for the direct download service and retain for still less than 15 days data MU clients on their servers, we learn that one of them, Carpathia, has launched, a site on which users who have legal files on MegaUpload can make themselves known.

The idea being to provide a tool to assess the magnitude of the situation and know how much users MegaUpload users to store their personal data are adversely affected by the arbitrary closure of the service.

This site was launched in partnership with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which defends the rights of Internet users, it may be the first stone of a collective action to compel the US justice to put in place a procedure for these customers to retrieve their data.

In the message posted on the homepage of the site by a member of the Foundation lawyer, reads: "The EFF is troubled that many legitimate users of MegaUpload have seen their property confiscated without warning and that the Government has taken no action to help (...)" "We believe that it is important that these users are heard and that the process advance." Carpathia Hosting recalled by revance has no access to the data stored by MegaUpload on its servers.


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