Direct download: panic among competitors for MegaUpload

Other direct download sites are beginning to worry. The plane threat on their heads after the operation against MegaUpload.


Brutal MegaUpload closed, the seizure of its names of domain and its servers by the FBI, and the arrest of seven of its leaders, sows disorder in direct download specialists and competitors of MegaUpload. Because there are many sites to legally offer a similar service, complying with the DMCA also as MegaUpload and removing illegal files reported by rightholders timely. We think of Hotfile, FileServe, RapidShare, FileSonic and others. Indeed, some of them seem to lose their cool.

Thus, we learn that FileSonic has, since Sunday night, announced its users that it has suspended its file-sharing functions. In other words, it is more possible to download a file (legal or not) posted by another user on the service. Only its own files are now available. It is therefore all the affiliate program is stopped. Because, as on most of its sites, Internet users who were sent on the FileSonic of the files that are subsequently very requested servers (very often illegal files) are rewarded.

MegaUpload Reward

The reward system put in place by MegaUpload. 5 million equivalent points
to 10000 $, what encourage the illegal files upload...

They are indeed usually a part of the advertising revenue generated, and this because it is these very requested files that create the hearing on the site and grow the Internet users to subscribe to a pay offer to download more quickly, without limit and without inconvenience. For example in FileSonic, when a file is downloaded 1000 times, the user who has uploaded receives about $ 35. A reward system which is at the heart of the complaint against MegaUpload and order which is relied on the FBI to launch its operation: very clearly inciting illegal file sharing. Justice to see if a site can hide behind its host status to not be worried by justice while he puts in parallel in place such a system of compensation.

In any case, FileSonic began to doubt and therefore stopped sharing system. VideoBB, very popular by fans of streaming, did the same in adopting its programme affiliation and remuneration, as FileServe, another known name for direct download. Evidence that the MegaUpload case poses a real threat on this type of services. Of preventive measures, which tell the climate tense currently existing around such sites...


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