LG soon ready to produce flexible OLED screens

LG team to produce flexible OLED screens but would not ready to sell products equipped with these slabs before 2013 or 2014.

OLED Flexible

OLED-Info is following very closely all that manufacturing OLED screens and according to his information, LG would be equipped to launch the production of flexible slabs. Everything would be in phase to be equipped from the factory in question from the third quarter of 2012, so that the first flexible OLED screens Korean out lines of production at the end of the year. Slabs that will not however be marketed, but that will initially allow LG to refine their manufacturing process and to conduct various tests.

Marketing should take place in 2013 or 2014, and should therefore not expect to see land mobile terminals equipped with screens OLED flexible prior to these dates. Indeed, LG investment in this area are cautious, since they concern only a third generation plant and a half. Reserves forcing questions - as do note our colleagues from Tom's Hardware - as the recent statements of the Samsung competitor who said he was able to launch products equipped with screens OLED flexible current 2012. Strange, therefore, the two companies using the same manufacturing process for flexible OLED tiles, namely the coating of polymer colored on a plastic substrate.


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