Kinect soon integrated into PCs?

A priori, Kinect will be well integrated with some models of Notebooks once that sufficient applications will take part for the end user.

Kinect PC portable The Daily

Microsoft recently formalized the arrival of the PC version of its sensor Kinect sold quite expensive and targeting in the first place developers. However, once sufficient applications and Games PC will be compatible with Kinect, will be for Microsoft to enter a second phase, that of marketing to the attention of the consumer. And knowing that the market share of the portable computer is in the majority, it well that Kinect manages to get a place in the nomadic PC in one way or another.

Obviously, this problem already interested Microsoft, with its partners, working in this integration. The Daily writing, digital daily tablet of Rupert Murdoch, was even able to approach prototypes of laptops equipped with Asus to the sensor. Reminder, the PC of Kinect version needs that a decline of 50 cm to be operational, against 1.5 metre on Xbox. Integration is not a challenge technological insurmountable, Kinect being roughly a webcam supported by an infrared projector.

Therefore remains to be seen how will be oriented Kinect for PC in the future? Should we expect to be able to navigate in the tiles of the Metro of Windows 8 interface by making hand gestures to his laptop computer? Follow. Hoping that the integration of Kinect come too much stopping the invoice of laptops which will be equipped with. As a reminder, the Kinect for PC kit will be marketed the month next to the price of €250.


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