Mini-Clavier wireless, gamepad and trackpad both

The Japanese manufacturer Sanwa (well known to fans of arcade sticks) offers a device wireless much practical to fly a HTPC remote without moving his couch

SKB-WL16BK is a mini Keyboard wireless equipped with a digital pad to two axes that can also serve as a trackpad for navigation.

The QWERTY format keyboard with 76 keys for text entry, multimedia keys, four directions arrows and two side gates as also left and right click. The object is in the hand as a Xbox 360 joystick, measuring 145 x 90 x 28 mm for a weight of 168 grams (including the two AA batteries required for feeding).

SKB-WL16BK communicates with the PC on the radio band of 2.4 GHz through a USB dongle supplied. The device is available for 13.440 yen or even $ 175. Comfort has, apparently, no prize…

pad-clavier-sanwa01  pad-clavier-sanwa02  pad-clavier-sanwa03  pad-clavier-sanwa04


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