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MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, Foxconn, HD 7970, Kepler, B & You, Hadopi... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

Weeks like this, during which we imagine will able to calmly move some tests late, take a step back and especially retrieve previous, between a hectic week these well filled and the launch of Free Mobile. And then not, the news has recovered this week and we've been busy... At the time, only two new entries-side tests with the Corsair revenge 1300 headset and keyboard QPAD MK-85. But we have a lot of things in preparation for the coming weeks (housings, DSS, mouse, keyboard, and perhaps even the GPU and PS Vita, new portable console of Sony). In short, it crosses fingers that everything goes as planned and especially that found the time to talk about all these products properly.

World War Web
Megaupload 1

In the meantime, it is on the bearings that we ended the week with the unexpected closure of MegaUpload by the FBI and the arrest of the CEO of "Mega empire" in New Zealand. A very media event (and for cause, the Mega Group sites are among the largest in the world, representing 4% of global Internet traffic), which occurs while the United States SOPA and PIPA bills grow all actors to an Internet free to express their disagreement (Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft, etc.). During this time, François Holland spoke of the Hadopi (effective according to the CEO of Universal Music France), which itself organized a meeting of anti-streaming while Allostreaming officials announced the closure of their sites, already reopened under new addresses... Big theme hacking and download, which is complemented by the users through the Anonymous response, these hackers are organizing to attack key sites they assimilate to the responsibility of this policy of repression (the sites of the White House, of Universal, the FBI, the Elysee Palace or the Hadopi) have already been attacked.

Side Free Mobile things somewhat settled even if the enthusiasm is always present. Frustration, mentioned last week as long as "red card" following a launch technically open to criticism, is always between portage claims which take much more time that they should, and SIM cards that have been slow to arrive. A phenomenon explained by an explosion of applications portability, requiring Free Mobile to curb for the moment. A great controversy even broke out this week, with several operators who accused Free Mobile not yet lit its antennas and rest for the moment only on the Orange network. If some evidence suggests that the Free network has not been fully lit from the start, Free then Orange eventually deny. Note finally that in offers, B & You is one of the only to make a real effort to counter Free price.

Windows 8 Tablette Samsung     asus_hd7970_directcuii-01

For hardware, we discovered this week the minimum technical specifications for Windows 8 shelves, while learning that shelves sales surpassed in France of the PC, while AMD promoted the merits of his future APU Trinity, for the design of laptops cheaper Ultrathin (his version of the Ultrabook). AMD also met the Thunderbolt of Intel with his Lightning Bolt, a less advanced but more economical technology. Other research interesting, those of IBM on magnetic bit that promise very important developments for our hard drives in the future. Finally, the big theme was future graphics cards, between a delay for the launch of Kepler in Nvidia and a few precious leaks on the GPU, the Radeon HD 7970 to hormones Yeston or Asus HD 7950 begins to point the tip of his nose between revealed frequencies and the Powercolor custom photo.

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Carton RougeRed cards: MegaUpload & Foxconn

These are two red cards that we have decided to distribute this week. The first closure of MegaUpload. Not because we stand for body and soul piracy (which is a far too complex topic discussed in a few lines and on which each has his view), nor even to defend Kim Dotcom and its accomplices who were visibly paper in the management of their business, allowing the FBI to address what he considered "a Mafia organization". People who did not need we to defend.

But this is obviously the process is condemned and the brutality of this closure. Because if it would be hypocritical to deny that MegaUpload is a major platform of global piracy, it must also be remembered that the platform offers a hosting service all that there is more legal. Used by individuals and companies who pay each month to store legal data, without any warning, are currently inaccessible since the site is completely closed. Also, it should be noted that the hoster status has been recognized several times by justice to MegaUpload, and that the service complies with the DMCA by removing illegal files reported by rights-holders within the required time.

As Foxconn, just read our article entitled "children work 16 hours a day in Foxconn..." to understand the excesses of a system in which it is now less expensive to produce to the chain of products by humans in deplorable conditions to assign these tasks to of machines...


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