Strong growth expected for Li-ion polymer battery

Indicators are green for the market of Li-ion polymer batteries used tablets, smartphones and the ultrabooks.

BatterieGlobal demand for lithium-ion polymer batteries significantly expected agmenter in 2012. After growth of the delivered volumes of about 16% on the year 2011, industrial sector expect that demand increases by approximately 24% on the year. The booming markets of tablets and of ultrabooks explaining for the most part this flight expected demand, as explained by Taiwanese manufacturers of batteries.

They noted indeed pessimistic observers that despite their forecasts, the production of lithium-ion polymer batteries will not exceed demand in 2012. Analysts had indeed anticipated overproduction and began to discuss the price fell after learning that battery manufacturers had generally strengthened their productive apparatus and increased their production capacity. At the time, the price of the battery should remain stable this year.

It should be noted that compared to the cylindrical lithium-ion 18650 batteries used by most traditional laptops, the lithium-ion polymer batteries are more stable and can especially be designed on request, adapting their sizes and shapes the products they supply. However, they cost on average 60% more expensive than the 18650 batteries equal capacity and are therefore reserved for the finest electronic products.


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