June 6, 2012: the world transition to IPv6

June 6, 2012 will be the day of the global launch of the IPv6...

IPv6 World Launch

Last November, we talking the inevitable transition to IPv6 by pointing out that the France is a good student in the matter. Today, we know that the details are to settle on the IPv6 Day 2012, which should not be this year a new repeat size of global crossing to IPv6, but indeed the great global launch. It is on 6 June the largest global sites such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook move to IPv6.

The "most great transition in the history of the Internet", as evokes it the Internet Society, will be therefore this IPv6 World launch, celebrating online infrastructures in IPv6, living first in IPv4 that will remain accessible sites. There is no doubt that many French sites will participate in the operation, even if for the time being Free is the only provider of access to reported its participation.

A reminder, this transition to IPv6 is necessary since ICANN has more addresses in IPv4 to distribute, some regions of the world as Asia Pacific already being in condition of shortage. So the last addresses in IPv4 today are worth a fortune and are trustées by international firms. Expected therefore that on 6 June and the IPv6 World Launch would change attitudes in the right direction, and that either launched the process of democratization of IPv6, even if global Internet operators appear to be not yet to the point...

> Visit the official website of the global launch of the IPv6


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