Samsung & Jays against HTC & Beats

Samsung partners with the Swedish firm in response to the agreement between HTC and Beats by Dr Dr. Jays.

Smartphones are really more snacks in addition to market share of traditional audio players and builders understood well. HTC is being associated with the firm Beats to propose its smartphones with Nokia having concluded an agreement with Monster and quality headphones, Samsung is preparing to do likewise in forging links with the Jays Swedish brand known for its expertise in intras and audio helmets.

samsung-jays2  samsung-jays

From February 2012 South Korean brand will therefore in selling some models of its smartphones along with v-Jays headphones and this only in Korea in the first place.

If the experiment is successful, the operation might be extended to other countries. May we then see the future Samsung Galaxy S III landing in our Green countered with a helmet audio quality made in Sweden? Who knows!


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