More information on the Toshiba 21: 9 Ultrabook

The new Toshiba Ultrabook will be released within a few days with an atypical screen...

Toshiba_U840W_007Following the news published yesterday and with this Toshiba Ultrabook, we now have new information to us to eat on this laptop. Therefore summarize the characteristics of this laptop who sailed a wide screen format "cinema".

This Satellite U845W (U840W in Europe) will be sold July 15 in the United States. The "W" of the reference relates to "Wide" or wide French, and therefore screen 21: 9 a definition of 1792 x 768 pixels with a backlight led to a 14.4-inch diagonal TN slab.

For the rest of the specifications, it has a backlit keyboard, three ports USB 3.0 including a "Sleep and Charge" technology with and allows even the reading of music by the headset when the screen is closed. At the order, will be a choice between a hard drive to 500 GB platters with 32 GB flash chip that will serve from cache or a 256 GB SSD. Selected CPU appears to be Intel Core i5-3317U MHz to 1.7 GHz with a Turbo mode to 2.6 GHz for 3 MB of L3 cache and can be with 10 GB of RAM DDR3. The graphic part seems to be managed by the Intel HD 4000 of the new processors Ivy Bridge of the skier.

Toshiba_U840W_001  Toshiba_U840W_004Toshiba_U840W_005  Toshiba_U840W_002Toshiba_U840W_003  Toshiba_U840W_006

Input/output level, it offers a HDMI port, an SD card reader, taking jack for audio output and a second for the microphone, the now classic WiFi a/b/g and n, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the WiDi for viewing external wireless and Ethernet making slim format which will require an adapter to work. For more security, Toshiba provides its U845W of a Kensington port to lock his machine. To 1.57 Kg, the machine is 36.8 cm wide and 20 cm long and 2 cm thick with an aluminum case covered plastic "Soft Touch" on some parts.

Available for pre-order, it in will cost $ 999 with a date of availability yet unknown in France. Hope that the exchange rate will be in our favour.

Toshiba_U840W_010   Toshiba_U840W_009


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