Vista and 7: better to disable widgets!

Used for years by millions of people, the Widgets in Vista and 7 are victims of security vulnerabilities.

While it learned the almost disappearance some widgets in Windows 8, replaced with dynamic tile interface Metro, Microsoft prompt users of Windows Vista and 7 to temporarily disable these Widgets after the discovery of security vulnerabilities. Indeed, malicious hackers could potentially use the existing loopholes at the level of the code managing these Widgets, without that it is known more for the time, Microsoft was not very talkative on these faults. Always is it that in its latest security bulletin, the editor indicates that it is best to disable Widgets pending a fix.


"The purpose of this alert is to inform people that Microsoft is aware of security vulnerabilities in gadgets available in the sidebar of Windows, versions of Vista and 7 running them" says Microsoft. To assist users, Microsoft provides an automatic patch that makes the settings necessary to stop any risk. Discovered by Mickey Shkatov and Toby Kohlenberg, these critical faults will be a Conference at Black Hat in Las Vegas in a few days. Microsoft thanks these two experts for their discovery, and is therefore now active to develop a patch.


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