Western Digital Red: optimized for the NAS disks

After the Green, Blue and Black, Western Digital discovers a new color and turns red.

Western-Digital-Red-3TBDisk tray storage giant announced a new range in its already quite thick catalogue. If one knew the Western Digital "Green" at low speed of rotation and consuming less energy, the "Blue" midrange disk that can meet any needs and the "Black" for performance, going to have to get used to the "Red".

Western Digital therefore opens a new line this time dedicated to type NAS storage servers. To argue this launch, Western Digital relies on problems of reliability for hard disks of other lines that are normally not expected to operate 24/7.

On the menu of this range, optimizations around power consumption while offering specific tools to disks RAID mode operation. For example, with its NASware technology, the data after error recovery is directly integrated to avoid to discus in default too quickly in a RAID cluster. There are also compatible with the ATA Streaming, become essential for storage applications audio and video such as Windows Media Center that relies on this technique.

These hard drives are built around 64 MB cache SATA III bus and offer three sizes of 1 To 3 TB storage. The speed of rotation of the plateaus is variable according to the IntelliPower and the flow can go up to 150 MB/s sequential read. The public price of the 1 TB version is €99,90 (WD10EFRX), the 2TB is €129,90 (WD20EFRX) and finally the 3 To €189,90 (WD30EFRX), all being accompanied by a 3 year warranty. We hope that this new range is not only a change of color on a label for a little more expensive sell these hard drives, and that differences with the Green discs will be well notable for use in a home NAS.


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