Dropbox: two times more storage for the same price

Dropbox feels visibly threatened the market online storage and synchronization "cloud" where these new efforts...

Dropbox (1).PNGThe online storage market is increasingly competitive and one of its players the most, Dropbox, has announced a significant decrease in the rates charged to its pay-TV offerings. Or rather, it doubles the storage capacity proposed for unchanged rates, which is not quite the same thing, since the amount levied on bank card by the service remain, it, unchanged.

Thus, to be more competitive Drive of Google services, Microsoft SkyDrive, Hubic of OVH, Cloud Drive of Amazon and others, Dropbox offers now not 50 but 100 GB for $ 9.99 per month and 200 GB for $ 19.99 per month. And synchronization specialist was also able to launch a new offer of 500 GB of online storage space, charged $ 49.99 per month.

Despite these efforts, Dropbox is more expensive than most of its competitors. The 100 GB being charged $ 4.99 a month in Google, and $ 4.16 per month at Microsoft. But with the principle of sponsorship of Dropbox (500 MB earned by recommendation), it is possible to significantly extend the limit of 2 GB for free available up to 18 GB. Good, of course, until there is little time, Microsoft offered on SkyDrive 25 GB to a Windows Live account holders...


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