OUYA: Should Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo tremble?

And if this OUYA was able to get a place in the video game console market?

The console very inspired official but turning models under Android with a SoC ARM and coming from Asia, there are dozens. But a project which also quickly Federated players than this OUYA, benefiting from the exhibition currently offered to any well wrapped Kickstarter project since the crowdsourcing is fashionable, it is more rare. Because success is already at the rendezvous, at least in the promises of funding. Added only a few hours on Kickstarter, the OUYA project has already attracted more than 20,000 investors, which allows the console to explode its initial objective of harvest $950,000 in record time. Currently, the collected sum displays more than 2.6 million $, what give a sacred kick to the project, actually. Especially him still have 28 days of fundraising.


But then, what did this OUYA to please as much? The promise is simple: it's a console under Android, proposing a joystick resolutely "gamer" to connect HDMI to its screen and that promises to offer quality games, if possible independent and the mode of the Free-to-Play. Some see it as a useless defiance to platforms in place, others the console of the future. In a context also uncertain that it is the game, although malignant industry would in any event that might know what type of game console will be booked in the future.

Always is it that project OUYA accompanied by some interesting business principles. For example, no royaltie will applied to game developers, and the SDK based on Android will be simply integrated into the console. Don't need, therefore, for the studios to invest in specific materials to develop a game OUYA. Only constraint: that sets OUYA are - at least partly - free. Demo and Free-to-Play (Freemium) accepted.


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If the sauce is, it is also because this console would be sold at a competitive price if times it came to be distributed one day. $ 99 For a console and a joystick ($ 95 for the first 1000 contributors). Expected now to know more, waiting to see a finished prototype, before will be launched production and development kits are available.

Reactions of independent developers are rather ambitious. Jenova Chen, creator of flOw, Flower and Journey, said: "I'm excited by OUYA." "I think there is always material to disrupt the status quo," while Adamm Saltsman, Canabalt creator, explains: "the prospect of a console open and affordable, is an excellent idea".

Preliminary technical data:

CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core1 GB of RAM8 GB of flash memory connection HDMI, 1080pWiFi 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 4.0Un port USB 2.0controleur wireless (touchpad, two analog sticks, pad, eight buttons) Android 4.0


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