Intel: worms of the wafers of 450 mm engraved in the extreme ultraviolet

An important investment between a manufacturer and the skier to accelerate and reduce the fineness of engraving of chips and processors of tomorrow.

Wafer 450 mmThe launch of the latest processors Intel Ivy Bridge serious 22 nm made aware the skier will have to find new technical solutions quickly for more finely burn again and again. Today, the exposure to extreme ultraviolet lithography is still little used and costly for the cross-country skier from Santa Clara. But the situation could change with the signing of a partnership with ASML.

In exchange for nearly $ 4 billion of investments to acquire 15% of the company ASML, Intel will make profit on the possibility to manufacture wafers of 450 mm and EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) lithography. For the record, ASML is a manufacturer offering large machinery for manufacturing and engraving of processors and other chips in foundries.

"The transition from a size of wafer to another to usually reduce by 30-40% the cost of production, what we also hope from 300 mm to 450 mm to get a similar benefit." "Pus quickly we will do, faster we will get this benefit to improve the production, which will create tremendous value for our customers and our partners," says Brian Krzanich, Vice president and Director of operations for Intel.

Is that these investments are early stage and a production of chips etched in EUV development is planned for late 2013, while the 450 mm wafers will arrive late 2015... If the plan is proceeding as planned.


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