Ultima Forever: an RPG free and virtuous in preparation

The information still lacking precision, but the announcement is: EA, via its Play4Free brand, is working on an RPG free-to-play based on the universe of Ultima!

Ultima 01It is true that the final episode of the series was now 13 years ago (Ultima IX: Ascension), plus Ultima Online, and at the time of the thrilled and other prequels, it we belatedly to see revived this mythical series.

On the internet site dedicated to the game and freshly opened, found as well that the title will be developed by BioWare, that it should be possible to play a warrior or a mage, that there will be a MMO part or Coop, is not too much, and that the game will be cross-platforms (there again, not precision on the name of the platform in question).

On it, it says you it is shared: on the one hand, there is the fear of social trend completely uninteresting and low range (genus Dragon Age Legends) to reach a game. And on the other, the excitement at the idea of power incarnate again the famous avatar of Richard Garriott, and trample the Earth of the immense continent of Britannia.

And for those who know not what it speaks, you can discover a few episodes of the myth via the site Gog, or take advantage of the various remakes that have emerged, such as "Ultima Exult", which brings together the two parts of Ultima VII in a format compatible with our modern systems free of charge. Finish by pointing out that the official website already allows you to register on the future beta of the game.

Ultima 02


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