Internet search: the new better than Google Bing?

Bing updates and took the opportunity to highlight its encouraging progress, which would be on the back of Google.

Since a few days, US Internet users confident their search engine Bing of Microsoft are benefiting from a new interface. The latter is being deployed in Europe and particularly in France, and displays a redesigned home screen, more adapted to the display of the search engine on the shelves according to the Publisher. Idem, the results pages have been cleaned. On the other hand, the new community features launched in the United States have them, not even crossed the Atlantic. Idem, the search for images that have a new algorithm is not yet available here.

Bing France.PNG

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Microsoft managers responsible for Bing explained that Google sees its reputation and its brand down following the controversies that have had courses concerning its practices relating to the personal data of Internet users. They see a good opportunity for Bing to propose a relevant alternative, showing with graphics that Bing continues to gain on the back of Google market share. Thus on the past year, Bing market share would have progressed 14.38-15.41%, and even 25,63% taking into account all of the portals integrating research by Bing, as Yahoo.

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Research results more sanitized...

Best, according to the exposed information, the rate of relevance of the results of Bing would for the first time surpassed those of Google. Over the past three years, Google saw its rate of relevance of 55.1% to 59.9%, while at the same time that Bing climbs from 51% to 61.4%. Unfortunately, impossible to know how these figures are obtained. And without clearly exposed methodology, this remains of the illustration without value. Damage.


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