New generation of hard drives 10,000 tours in Toshiba

Businesses looking for hard drives quick plates spinning at 10 K rpm can move towards the new Toshiba pro range.

toshiba_al13se_b900_001It is the turn of Toshiba occupying the scene with its new generation of disk drives trays specially studied for the business world. With a speed of rotation to 10,500 t/m, the new AL13SE is 2.5 inches with a SAS 2.0 6 Gb/s interface to the format and is offered in several sizes: 300 GB, 450 GB and 600 GB same 900 GB.

With a 64 MB cache, it offers 3.7 ms read and 4.1 ms write response times, we are far from the DSS, but the comparison can be made with this type of business-oriented material with 24/7 operation times since he displays a 2 million hours MTBF and increases the speed of data transfer of 32% over the previous generation. Toshiba ensures that its new drives offer retro-compatibility with the sizes of 512-byte sectors.

In addition, this new series hard drives for companies custody system of decrease in the speed of rotation of the platters to reduce energy consumption and reduce heating. For companies have 3.5-inch disks to the format-based storage systems, Toshiba offers its AL13SE range with an additional adapter to facilitate their installation.

These discs are accompanied by five years manufacturer warranty. Toshiba has not yet release public prices of its new range. Need to make contact with his usual reseller to obtain.



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