Tablet Surface: objective "a few million"...

Steve Ballmer directs his speech to motivate partners manufacturers of Microsoft on Windows tablets, despite the spectrum of the Tablet Surface.

In the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference, Surface bars were all mouths, but on the stage or in the spotlight never. Indeed, the Redmond giant has been careful to avoid addressing the subject in its major announcements. Yet, it was unthinkable that the event ends without a Word from Microsoft on their subject. It is therefore in the speech of the CEO, Steve Ballmer, that the case of these famous tablets has been addressed.

Declaration that everyone will retain respect the ambitions of the editor to these products, namely to sell "a few million" in 375 million of Windows PC which will sell in 2013 according to the firm. A way to minimize the impact that will have the Surface tablets on sales of Windows tablets, and reassure the partners? Not impossible, because in reality, it is these partners manufacturers that the words of Steve Ballmer addressed.

He has so multiplied small phrases to give importance to the models of third-party manufacturers, and minimize in parallel to the Tablet Surface. He notably said that "Surface, it is above all the design" and that these tablets will have "a little place to share in the Windows ecosystem". And Ballmer pounding: "our goal is mutual with our OEM partners: bringing diversity to the market of Windows PC, phones, tablets, servers." "We want excellent Windows terminals and we need the support of manufacturers".


Remains to be seen if such statements will be enough to reassure those who market shelves, believe that Microsoft is trying to take advantage of his position to obtain a competitive advantage for the launch of its Surface. Because HP has already cancelled one of its Windows RT tablets for the benefit of Android, and you heard that Microsoft developed its partners to back... The rumors about the Tablet Surface speak output in October, for "all inclusive" bundles with the accessories for $ 599 maximum for the ARM version and $ 799 maximum for the Core i5 version. There is no was formalized at this level, to follow.


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