SSD: Plextor passes to the M5S

Plextor prepares to launch new SSD series M5S. A priori, they should be even faster than the M3 and M3P.

Plextor M5SPlextor attacked the DSS with serious market, evidenced by his records M3 and M3P tests. And the mark (acquired by Philips-LiteOn in 2009) is not to stop there. A new SSD arrives, the M5S which promises to be faster even than its predecessors.

Plextor course highlights the quality of its firmware development which "guarantee the performance of exception in time", by leveraging technologies such as Instant Restore, the Global Wear Leveling or Bad Block Management. And thanks to its certification TrueSpeed (another Plextor technology), the M5S promises to reach 390 MB/s write, and 73,000 and 70,000 IOPS and 520 MB/s read speeds. Unfortunately, Plextor details not under some conditions and on what reference.

Because the M5S Plextor will be offered in three capacities: 64 GB from $ 99.99, from $ 159.99 128 GB and 256 GB $ 299.99. Plextor will finally focus on after-sales service of quality, offering a "VIP" access to buyers of the M5S on its support site, including allowing download PlexTool, a tool that allows you to manage and monitor the best his DSS and be updated easily. We do not yet know if the SSD will benefit from the guarantee of 5 years of Plextor, or only a 3 year warranty.


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