Extradition: Kim Dotcom takes the lead, and proposes to go under conditions

Kim Dotcom is willing to go to the US authorities, but requires some guarantees.

Kim DotcomOn Twitter, Kim Dotcom - the erratic pattern of MegaUpload - sent a message to the Department of American justice, which clearly states: "Hey, it will come to the USA." No need for extradition. "It wants to bail, access to funds to pay lawyers fees and daily costs." Kim Dotcom tent so interesting but risky movement, while the extradition request US the respect will be judged in March 2013 in New Zealand and that he could be fired if case justice the rejects.

Kim Dotcom would therefore agree to make him even to American justice, under conditions. The idea being to recover access to her money, while showing to justice its good will, which could count in the judgment. Kim Dotcom cannot apparently be without that access to its funds are thawed, especially that the postponement of the extradition hearing is that extending the period during which he must take no money.

Recently, he explained to a New Zealand newspaper be riddled debts following the accumulation of millions of dollars in legal fees, while it can pay to counsel the penny. "They want to just me hang and dry me up until I have more sole support" he said. Is that Kim Dotcom expects to receive a negative response on the part of the authorities, believing that they "know that they cannot win in this case". "All I want is a fair judgment for us" said, as additional bravado.


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