Touch: after the table, Microsoft made the wall

Microsoft bought a very large tactile surfaces specialist, to propose to touch walls.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced its takeover of Perceptive Pixel. A specialist of very large touch screens, which the plateau of the American channel CNN's "magic wall". The idea to Microsoft is clear: offer a very comprehensive catalogue of touch solutions, and take advantage of the release of Windows 8 (and its Metro interface thinking to the touch at the base) to push these products. Thus, tactile walls will be proposed in addition to PixelSense, the new name given to the Microsoft Surface touch table. And for cause, Surface is the brand that Microsoft chose to reuse to its shelves.

CNN Perceptive Pixel

It is not known how much money Microsoft has put on the table to Perceptive Pixel, but we know that it is the division Office of the giant who will manage this acquisition, touch walls being clearly solutions oriented professionals. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, it is a very intelligent redemption and he promised that the first objective will be to ensure to reduce the price of these impressive solutions. Most importantly, Microsoft weapon new touch recognition technology. Touchscreen is taking a considerable importance in the high-tech market.


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