A more secure in Kingston USB key

A USB 2.0 which will not quickly, but that secures the data...

Kingston DataTraveler Locker G2Kingston continued to work on secure USB keys and presents its new creation of the genus, the 2.0 memory key Locker + G2. A USB key that does benefit the SuperSpeed 3.0 interface, and simply be a stick USB 2.0 to the former. Side flow, it will also not to expect miracles, Kingston announcing 10 MB/s read and 5 MB/s write. But this small key brushed aluminium who does not mine to outside pay essentially on protection data.

Software comes with it to define a password which will be again the user each time that the key will be plugged into a USB port to the first use. And if one tape 10 times on the wrong password, the key formats automatically, erasing all data. Data that is of course encrypted. This key can be shared between different users since it manages up to 20 protected accounts. A function that will also protect independently from each other various sensitive files. 2.0 Memory key Locker + G2 will be available shortly in four capacities: 4 GB ($18), 8 GB ($21), 16 GB ($37) and 32 GB ($82).


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