Young people prefer Android

A study shows that smartphones, youth are likely to choose a phone Andro.

Médiamétrie has published the results of a study on the preferences of the young users of smartphones in France, on the 15-24 age bracket. We first learn that on this age group, 60% of those polled are equipped with smartphones, against 45% when it queries the rest of the population. A trend that continues to accelerate according to Médiamétrie. As for the mobile OS of reference, it is Android since 44% of young owners of smartphones under Android. It is more that if one is interested in all of the mobinautes in France, in which the Android market share is 40%.


Gingerbread, ice Sandwich, jelly candy... Android has managed to attract young people!

In six months, the part of Android youth increased by 12 points. Particular reason is the price of the Mobile Android, more accessible on average than the iPhone for example. The large number of available terminals also offers a choice more important, what would be not insensitive youth who pays lip service yet more readily a few models in particular, as the Galaxy Ace or the One Player.

The most common uses are, in order: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, social networks, music and Video. The video is in full swing on smartphones, with about a young on two who uses his mobile phone to watch clips, web-series and other. And in addition to recreation, the smartphone also became one of the first sources of information among youth, 56% of them saying read articles in press on their phone.


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