A heatpipe CPU really "slim" a little different

GELID launches its new heatpipe model that fits in any configuration with only 28 mm in thickness.

gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_01GELID is continuing its development in the field of the new heatpipe cooling named Slim Silence A - Plus.Ce heatpipe resumed the bases of the Slim Silence AM2 with its compact design and can therefore be installed on any configuration of the Mini-ITX passing by the ATX, and the HTPC in the 1U server.

Its base from two heat pipes in copper for a transfer of the heat emitted by the processor directly to aluminum fins. At its centre lies a 7.5 cm fan that can rotate between 1200 t/m and 2600 t/m without precision on the produced noise.

The block is 10.5 cm long for 7.45 cm wide and 2.8 cm in height for a total mass of 285 grams. The manufacturer indicates that its CPU heatpipe is expected to identify 95 watt TDP and fits on any AMD socket FM1 and FM2 and the AM2 AM3 +, it is not question of Intel at the time. It is already available in store for €20 with a manufacturer warranty of five years.

gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_02    gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_03


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