Sales of PC: a year end 2011 difficult

Small analysis of PC sales on the end of year 2011, slightly down at the global level, with disparities deepens between mature markets and new thriving economies.

If the last quarter of the year is usually favourable sales of PC, in 2011, this has not been the case. Indeed, global PC sales are declining on the period of 1.4%, for a total of 92.2 million computers sold between early October and late December. Main explanation, low demand on the consumer market, even for the year end holiday period. According to Gartner analysis, the shortage of hard drives had the consequences limited on the market and can explain these figures, especially as the floods in Thailand and its impact will be more noticeable on the beginning of the year 2012.

Gartner cites lack of interest in the ultrabooks, despite all the efforts made by Intel on the other hand to demonstrate and promote these fine, nice and fast computers. "Consumers are very little about these machines and to agree to pay a supplement of price for such models" it reads in the report of the Office recalls that the configuration sold about $ 1000 in a ultrabook is for $ 600 in a thicker chassis.

With manufacturers, HP remains number one but saw its sales fall by 16.2% to 14.7 million units. It is undeniable that uncertainty displayed to its domestic PC (HP will retain finally) is not foreign to these poor results. Lenovo has its strong presence on his land, in China, and the decline in demand in the mature markets, to climb to second place with more than 13 million of PCs sold in the first quarter (+ 23%). Dell will better also, with sales up 7.8% on the quarter, as Asus who book 20.5% PC more than a year ago, while Acer is the penalty, seeing its sales fall by 18.4%.

Sales fell overall on the old markets, as in United States (-5,9%) and Europe (-9,6%), while in Asia it is never sold PC (+ 8.5%), as in South America (+ 11.2%).


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