Two socket LGA 2011 for this monstrous card EVGA

EVGA prepares a motherboard of competition, based on two socket LGA 2011.


If EVGA was presented on the these this impressive motherboard with two socket LGA 2011, it must be noted that it will not allow two processors type Intel Sandy Bridge-E, and for cause, they operate only a single QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) link. This SR - X of his name is therefore thought to allow the declensions for servers of these processors, the Xeon family. Once this accuracy is made, it must be recognized that this EVGA card will enable mount as expensive as efficient configurations.

It has indeed four for the first socket memory slots and eight for the second, for example accommodate 96 GB DDR3 with bars of 8 GB. The power system will appeal to 6-pin PCIe connectors. With two Gigabit Ethernet connectors and six SATA ports, this motherboard will already have, but should also know that it proposes also four connectors SAS and native support of USB 3.0 and Bluetooth. PCI Express, this map has not less than seven connectors in Gen 3.0 to 16 x, and will be of course compatible with Quad-SLI. Talking of a label to $ 500, without the part of EVGA precision.

EVGA SR-X (1) VRZone.jpeg EVGA SR-X (2) VRZone.jpeg

EVGA SR-X (3) VRZone.jpeg EVGA SR-X (4) VRZone.jpeg

Photo credits: VR-Zone


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