Switch 810: large alpha case

Alpha Unveils Switch 810, a housing grand tour mainly white and spacious.

Alpha presented a new box, the Switch 810. A large tower with steel chassis that is thought to accommodate motherboards formats Micro ATX and ATX, but also E - ATX and XL - ATX and SSI CEB and SSI EEB. In total, this box measures 235 x 595 x 585 mm, and it offers four locations 5.25 "and seven to format 3.5" (all adaptable devices 2.5 "). All graphics cards whose length does not exceed 350 mm can accommodate, and Switch 810 monte fully without any tool, precise alpha. Comes with four 14 pré-montés cm fans, it has locations to contain a total of ten fans. And on top, a Gill of aeration system to facilitate the flow of air if necessary.

NZXT Switch 810 (1) NZXT Switch 810 (2)

Many openings are positioned so that you can easily manage its cables properly, or install a liquid cooling system. Behind a facade cache are two connectors USB 2.0 and two others in USB 3.0, and the essential Jack 3.5 mm, and a memory card reader. Mainly white with a discreet black border (and a look of Storm Trooper who will undoubtedly find him fans of Star Wars), the Switch 810 also has a partly transparent lateral wall. There is talk of a price of approximately of €200 and availability scheduled for the coming days.

NZXT Switch 810 (3) NZXT Switch 810 (4)


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