These 2012: hybrid SSD cache for storage in Corsair

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While some competitors such as OCZ ADATA already embarked on this niche, the manufacturer Corsair unveils its dedicated cache SSDdevices. In practice, it is low-capacity units to be used for combined and specific tasks to one or more hard drives to store data.

Baptized Accelerator, these flash drives are opting for the capacities of 30 GB, 45 GB and 60 GB. Opt for these solutions to significantly accelerate its system and access to the data that show is frequently used, via the NVELO software.

SSD Corsair Accelerator

SSD Corsair Accelerator cache (click to enlarge)

These SSDS based on SandForce SF-2100 controller and a SATA II interface 3 Gbps, offering sequential flow of 280 MB/s read and 270 MB/s write. NAND flash memory is of type MLC (Multi-Level Cell), providing less stability than the SLC but a more affordable rate.

Indeed, the Accelerator disks will be marketed in 60 euros for the 30 GB version, 75 euros for milling 45 GB and 90 euros for 60 GB capacity. Availability is announced for February 2012.


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