Test Batman Arkham City - Xbox 360

Batman Arkham City could still do better than the previous Arkham Asylum? That is the question that the players have the ask before hand this new component. The first Batman out of the hands of Rocksteady had truly grips us, led to a elsewhere, even populated a gang of madmen, had managed to seduce us in the least of its proposals. Arkham Asylum has therefore left behind him a very good memory, never we had seen a great Batman in terms of video game. Rocksteady had treated his title, had treated his subject with great respect, made a good dose of artistic touch to his video game and the result had been, with such treatment, at the height of the expectations and much more. Also, when an Arkham City looms on the horizon, the apprehension is palpable. Will a second branch not spoil everything? Can he not simply little and tarnish the good initial impression on this franchise?

Batman Arkham City (25) Batman Arkham City (26)

Therefore will be a few steps in this Batman Arkham City to realize this new result. Rocksteady is visibly not simply little Editor. The bases of Arkham Asylum are times and pushed a little further. If the step is not huge, the evolution of this new game is real. Regulars, those which have already dragged on asylum, will soon take foot in this new adventure. New entrants take the wire the bright eyes of the pleasure of discovery. Arkham City is indeed the worthy heir of the first branch and proposed once again some convincing arguments, which will undoubtedly make this title one of the compelling this year.

Batman Arkham City (24) Batman Arkham City (23)

A word for new entrants. Rocksteady does not put you side and multiply efforts so that you can resume the thread of this adventure. Of information relating to the takeover will be in the game menus, allowing you to take full advantage of all the possibilities of Batman. Access you is simplified, since many indications appear also on the screen. Therefore, you should feel rather well received.


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