AMD processors for ultrabooks at small prices


Finally, if the ultrabooks invade computer rays on the initiative of Intel, AMD plans to counterattack to recover market share. Indeed, the skier had already formulated its intention to encroach on the market of the ultrabooks with models incorporating their own components.

Called ultrathins, these notebooks have an argument very much in its favour to the ultrabooks: price. Indeed, it will be question of a tariff ranging between 300 and 500 dollars, while models envisioned by Intel show at prices close to $ 1,000.

To reduce costs, it is clear that these ultrathins will be the deadlock on some components, including at the level of the chassis that embarqueront probably not aluminum or magnesium. By extension, it is likely that the thickness is not as low as that of the ultrabooks. However, performance will be to the taste of the day, with many well obviously a signed AMD processor.

The skier indicates that the first ultrathins can be marketed current 2012, to bypass Intel and its ultrabooks forecasts.

By extension, AMD plans to position itself on the market of tablets, largely dominated by the ARM architecture. A first model Acer W500 running Windows 8 and embarking a processor running at 1 GHz x 86 Fusion Z01 was presented to see good performance.


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