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It is clear that encroach on the market of the FPS with a new licence is not easy, both the volume and quality of other productions are already present. However, this has not prevented the Codemasters studio build Bodycount. To put the initial interest of production, note that it is designed by the team of Black, rather impressive FPS released on PS2 and Xbox a few years. Also, some fans of the first hour have are largely interested in this new project which is not in a half measure.

As soon as the first moments of the game, it is clearly felt that Bodycount seeks to propose a FPS "old school" atmosphere focusing mainly on the action. Indeed, the scenario of the soft takes on a post stamp: you are an agent of an organization called the Network and your goal will be to calm the guerrillas in countries in crisis. The pitch makes you as the solution to end the clashes. SPF requires, this is not as great diplomat that you foulerez the lands of Africa or Asia, but with your weapons. In short, you are only a cleaner without brains mitraille before moving on to negotiations.

Bodycount - 7 Bodycount - 8

You understand it, the scenario agreed and is worthy of largest mutilates of the 1980s. This implementation might be very interesting if developers had focused the tone on derision, but all of the campaign is very first degree and therefore largely uninteresting. Outside the clashes against the militias and local resistance (Yes, you draw on both sides without distinction), you'll quickly nose to nose with a company called the Target. This last consists of soldiers in armour (awful...) which operate local wars for their own purposes. However, do not expect of twists, history remains extremely agreed.

Outside this little bright surface aspect, is that Bodycount is not a lightning war in its foundations. Indeed, the title has a progression hollow which focuses on two environments: Africa for the first part of the game, China for the second. The whole is intersects by soporific passages in the Target infrastructure, places duplicated without shame from one level to another. Also, there is surprise to return in the same locations, which adds little dynamism to all. In short, it will be for many players of a path that takes more of Calvary, that the gameplay is very disappointing.

Bodycount - 6 Bodycount - 5


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