Free Mobile still has surprises in your pocket...

Xavier Niel was the buzz throughout the last week in announcing and launching its Free Mobile offers, but he was known to have not yet any dévoilé…

Free Mobile Logo.PNG

The troublemaker of the Internet and mobile telephony, in this case now Xavier Niel, apparently not killed all of his cards.

In fact, Friday 13 January, on the issue "what I me mail" on SMR therefore he was the guest, the mischievous pattern of Free and Free Mobile responded to a question from moderator François Sorel on how he would react if the competing operators aligned Free Mobile rates. His response was what intrigue: "What happiness!" (...) We will finally extricate there pockets... "On a surprises."

Then, femtocell, package data only, intermediate package €8, that we still prepares the father Niel?


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