Processor unique and portable for all your devices?

After have presented us i'm Watch - a watch to connect to a smartphone - creator team plate on a much more daring concept: i'm Circle. It would be an ecosystem that relies on a single, portable and wireless processor to fly across your devices without worrying about a any compatibility.

im Core

Concretely, the box i'm Core housing the processor can bind directly to your smartphone, computer, television, and other tablet. For access to files, designers have to rely on cloud computing, with a view to make your data accessible from your fixed and mobile devices.

If the idea proves relatively bright to further facilitate the use of many high-tech devices that invite in our homes, force is found that the approach will be not obvious to complete because of technical problems currently effective solution to another.

In any event, i'm Circle is already announced for output end of 2012. Bet that the result is revealed, with the key a small revolution in our daily usage.


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