Graphics GeForce Kepler: where are they?

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As expected the new graphics cards, GeForce taking advantage of the Kepler architecture in 28 nanometres for Christmas 2011, then early 2012, still not a single model on the horizon.

According to the latest information we have on this subject, he will finally be until late March/early April so that they are finally formalized by nVIDIA and present catalogues of different brands partners.

For the firm to the Chameleon, it would be to announce finished products, but especially not rush to create sufficient stocks to meet the demand at the output.

Is not also not really late to the competitor AMD, since the latter is still not unveiled its range of cards Radeon HD 7000. He has indeed delivered than OEM HD Radeon models 7000 and a top range model Radeon HD 7970.


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