Lightning Bolt: more accessible version of Thunderbolt


On the occasion of the show Consumer Electronic Show which is held recently in Las Vegas, the manufacturer AMD indicated that he was working on a wireline connections broadband called Lightning Bolt, to compete with, as its name suggests, the Thunderbolt of Intel technology.

Scheduled to be included in first equipment by the end of the year 2012, it must propose a power sufficient to run a device such as a monitor, enable the transmission of a video stream and allow the files at very high speed, with a flow rate of the order of 5 Gbit / s.

AMD Lightning Bolt
Schema of technology AMD Lightning Bolt (click to enlarge)

If it is half that with Thunderbolt, AMD highlights a more simple design that allows a lower cost. Lightning Bolt requires indeed as a controller in the computer which amounts to only 1 dollar and a cable mini-DisplayPort with some changes.

In short, a technology that could of reaching more the public, while its competitor would find attentive ear on the professional market. But we should not forget the USB 3.0 standard that will be part, through the implementation of a new audio/video Device Class specification next. To see therefore that will be able to convince industry and will win the battle.


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