Kinect for PC-€249, and a standalone version on the approach?

Kinect arrives on PC at a price of €249, is 100 euros more than the Xbox version, and first targeting developers.

Kinect iFixit 

It will not return to the Microsoft decision to officially support Kinect on PC, while initially the firm of Redmond did absolutely not hear. And we know that the launch of the sensor Kinect on PC (a special version with no need of a decline of 50 cm to work contrary to the milling for Xbox requires 1.50 metre minimum) will intervene on 1 February.

However, the data that we did not until today, it was Kinect PC selling price, and then that very rare are the applications to use it for the time (officially, no game does operates it on Windows...). Therefore, the target of this sensor Kinect for PC is perfect, it's developers and other hackers interested by this sensor, which Microsoft intends to ask more than the €130 the Xbox accessory. But how in the end? €249!

For this price, it will receive the sensor but also a suite of development tools to develop its own applications. In other words, Microsoft assumes that this version is not addressed in the first place to the grand public. However, we can well imagine that if continued to the sale of this Kinect for PC, applications taking part are more likely to be interesting for a lambda user, Microsoft will be quickly propose a version of Kinect Windows for all.

Note also that on the other hand, The Daily said that Microsoft has in its cartons a TV Kinect housing. Only with HDMI and USB connectors, it could a priori happen a Xbox or PC to operate. It would add to any television set to new possible interactions, with gestures and voice, to change string and adjust the volume, but also access to dedicated video and music to the application, and small lightweight video games services. This version of Kinect which would be called "Kinect Box" could be marketed at a price of $ 150, but its output originally scheduled for the first half of 2012 would have been extended.


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