DSS Crucial M4: the update that is essential

The DSS Crucial M4 are to be updated to avoid the bug of the 5200 hours of use.

crucial_ m4_7mm_ssd_01

A few days ago, we inform you of the existence of a very annoying bug on the M4 of Crucial SSD which, after operating 5200 hours (5184 precisely), systematically planted all hours due to a malfunctioning linked to the SMART meter.

Logically, very few people are today affected by this problem, since that is almost never off his computer and have been among the first buyers of the M4 to be already affected. Although of course, as the days pass, potentially concerned users are more numerous. Remains that Crucial had promised a rapid update of its SSD firmware to correct the problem.

It is now available and can be performed on all Crucial M4, regardless of the version of firmware on which they are currently (0001, 0002 or 0009). Normally, the data of the user are not threatened by this update, even if by caution advises the constructor to perform a backup of them prior to the update.

To update your Crucial M4, simply retrieve this (firmware 0309) bootable ISO file and burn it to a CD or create a bootable USB key with. It is recommended to use the SATA ports directly managed by Intel or your motherboard AMD chipset to make the updated software well recognize your SSD, and not a port managed by a third-party controller. Once the update performed, Crucial promises that the bug of the 5200 hours will be, for you, ancient history.


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