Free Mobile: Orange will not align to and criticizes the "unworthy show" de Niel

The pattern of France Telecom is once again mounted the niche against Free Mobile.

Stephane Richard

Interviewed yesterday by the Sunday newspaper, Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, is back on the launch of Free Mobile and denounced the "unworthy show" which is delivered according to Xavier Niel launch offers. According to him, the price war initiated by Free Mobile could be detrimental to the whole of the telecoms sector. "I blame mainly to Xavier Niel to suggest that the telecoms are an industry without value, anyone can offer." It requires a lot of investment and skills. "Our friends from Free will not delay to realize" he says.

"Can always be cheaper, but it is less often." "We we never bring on the price of Free because we offer the security, reliability, innovation," says, without referring to Sosh, its low-cost subsidiary and the attempt to alignment on the offers of Free Mobile. But what seems particularly displeasing to Stéphane Richard, it is that Xavier Niel, eighth fortune of France, has a speech in which he tâcle "bastards will pay dividends". And he recalled that the risk is that "all operators become low-cost, which means less investment, jobs and services". Remember it's Stéphane Richard, January 2, explaining that Free Mobile had missed its buzz.


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